One of the most important thing in Marketing is to understand what is. This is something that really a lot  of people ask about it or think that is sales but it`s not like that.

This is for me, my personal definition of what is Marketing:

Definition: Marketing is the decision making based on the analysis and conclusions of the statistics of products or services that generates strategies that with creativity and effectiveness can increase sales.

So in base of this definition we can understand that sales is the last part of the process. Marketing is the mind behind the sales. It´s that area that you maybe don`t see but is one of the most important and the same time the brain of the all the industry.

The other important point is that Marketing is creativity and also read stats all the time because without that, it´s impossible the decision making. So once you have read that stats you can take the desicion of what to do but the other difficult part is to know how to reach that.

Marketing is the mind behind the sales

In that moment is when you really have to understand that creativity es one of the difficult parts; it´s for that reason, that there are advertising agencies that do that job.

Trying to be clear and concise, that is my definition, of what is marketing.

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