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When we talk about Marketing we get many issues concerning companies, products, customers, sales, strategies among many other things. This time we will focus on one of its strongest and most important points: Customer service. Because without them you do not live, simple like that!

The CX, Customer Experience, is just the customer-focused work and the experience that is created the moment you interact with him or her. Although companies take a lot of importance to the work done in their posts (publications on Twitter or Facebook) many entrepreneurs forget the “strong” in social networks, which is the experience when giving a response based on a query , complaint, question among other topics. This “strong dish” I mean it is just to find that the customer if he is enraged for bad service or a product, you generate a 360º change, to the point that instead of losing that customer, he is totally grateful and change that from a negative emotion to a grateful feeling.

This in conclusion is what one refers to Costumer Experience in the digital world. The experience that the user receives is not only based on a good response or resolute attention, it also goes “mano a mano” with the attention time and how much it takes to be resolved, this can add or subtract points in the interaction with them.

The time that one must have as the first response per user can be between 10 minutes and up to one hour. It all depends on the importance and quantity of users that have a brand and how important it is for that company the attention. Now that you know what’s the CX. Tell us which business or brand has the best customer service in your country?


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