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It´s very sounded today about artificial intelligence but the question is how much is known? And what´s  being done today? There are several of the largest and most powerful companies that use artificial intelligence to control the vast of ​​information; among them is the best known of all: Facebook.

DeepText is called the now successful and powerful artificial intelligence that Facebook announced last year (2016) its latest advance, this AI is capable to understand almost 100% as a human all the publications we can perform in the platform of Mark Zuckeberg.

With this Facebook seeks control clearly what is written in the social network as for commercial purposes until who knows, find the most wanted criminal.

Even in your Facebook Messenger talks, it would not be necessary for you to have to ask for a taxi, it´s very likely that Facebook will give you a Uber the way you want to go.

The other giant that´s working on this and has already advanced to a great extent is Alphabet which is now the Group that was born with Google. The Alphabet group that originated in Mountain View California now has DeepMind which is the most powerful company in the world of Artificial Intelligence, even the same Elon Musk somehow stated his fear by stating that he feared for the AI ​​of the company that is his Competition in the area of ​​electric cars and that company is and nothing less than the giant Alpabeth.

DeepMind has already the ability to remember what you learned and use that in other procedures. Something that really scares but is already happening between us. Is Google then the great Big Boss of the great novel known as 1984 ? Amazing, right?!

Today in  digital world artificial intelligence have begun to converge to a point where digital marketing and those who wish to enter to this area should take into account the knowledge of technology for commercial purposes or to enter the largest Companies.

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